Get your skills ready for the DanceDanceRevolution US Championships


I play DanceDanceRevolution for fun and for a good workout. But I’ve seen people in the arcades play and for them it’s serious business. Now those people can test their skills against the best of the best at the DanceDanceRevolution US Championships.

Regional tournaments start September 26 and the top dancers in each region will advance to the National Finals in Las Vegas on December 5, 2009.

“For years, DanceDanceRevolution has evolved from an arcade game into a pop culture icon. Millions of versions of the game have been sold, fan clubs have been formed, and the people who count themselves as members of the DanceDanceRevolution community continue to grow exponentially each year,” said David Daniels, Director of Marketing at Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “With such a large following and so many great players all across the country, the time is right to host an official competition that will appeal to both old and new DanceDanceRevolution enthusiasts as we look to find who is truly the ultimate.”

Regional competitions will take place at GameWorks arcades. The exact unit players will be competition on is DanceDanceRevolution Super Nova. The highest number of points gets you the top performer for the region and a chance to win $1000 Best Buy Gift Card and other prizes. Oh and the bragging rights that come with the title.

Here are the dates and locations for the regionals:
September 26 – Dallas, Texas
October 2 – Miami, Florida
October 11 – Columbus, Ohio
October 17 – New York, NY
October 24 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
November 7 – Las Vegas, Nevada
November 14 – Seattle, Washington
December 5 – Las Vegas, Nevada (National Finals)

To register to compete sign up at

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