Lord of the Rings: Siege of Mirkwood to launch December 1st

lotro_mirkwood_logoToday Turbine announced that the next expansion for Lord of the Rings Online will go live December 1st in North America! Along with the expansion Siege of Mirkwood, there will also be LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack which will be released as a companion and include various essentials that players will need to survive Mirkwood. Also as of today, there will be special offers for players to partake in! More details about the special offers from the press release are below:

  • The LOTRO Lifetime Membership is now available for $199.
  • Any current or former player who renews or upgrades their subscription to any multi-month plan by October 31st gets the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion for FREE!
  • All players can pre-order the new LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack which contains 2 character slots and one shared storage slot that allows players to share items with all of their characters on the same server for $19.99 and get the Harbinger’s Cloak which provides 8% speed boost and the Dusky Nimblefoot Goat mount for FREE!
  • Starting today, existing Lifetime Members who pre-order the LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack get the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion plus two in-game items (Harbinger’s Cloak which provides an 8% speed boost and a new mount) for FREE!

These are some great offers, and make use of them quickly as these are only for a limited time! More information can be found at the LOTRO official site here.

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