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    Meet the GamingAngels- Netzach

    n618650598_3173848_682You’d figured by now that your gadget editor was someone who worked with IT for a living, much like our esteemed head honcho Trina. Well, you are a little in left field. I am actually what many of you would call a teacher, and educator if you will. I teach the future minds of tomorrow. (I know that might frighten many of you.) I actually am a university graduate with a B.A and a B.E.D where I teach English, Social Sciences, and a whole gambit of other courses to junior high and senior high students.

    Thought this is the case, I have not been able to cut out my love for gaming and gadgets in my life. I have had an on again off again love affair with gaming. I can’t say that that I have been a gamer this whole time. I gamed as a child with my classic Gameboy, Super Nintendo and lets not forget my educational games on DOS. I stopped gaming in my early years in junior high for some unknown reason to me. I guess I had to figure out myself. I got back into gaming at the end of high school and have continued to game ever since. My love for tech has come for the root of gaming. As I rekindled my first love, I became interested in gadgets, computers, and other forms of technology.

    I actually got started with Gaming Angels.com in November of 2006. According to the math I have been with gaming angels for about three years. Before that I was trying to think of ways of expanding my writing portfolio so that when I had finished my B.A I would have something to send off to school that offer journalism. I was encouraged by my boyfriend that maybe I should write about something that I love. Which was video games. I found Gaming Angels.com who at the time was looking for a reviewer, I volunteer my services to Trina and the staff found me a home. To this day this remains my home. As time the site developed it features to writing blogs in specific areas, I became the Gaming Angels Gadget Editor, since the majority of my “personal” blogs which we had were about gadgets. Granted I didn’t limit myself to the standard cell phones, laptops and gaming gear. I was encouraged to branch and grow as a writer and who to bring tech to everyone.
    I guess since I have been with Gaming Angels.com for about three years, I have had the opportunity to see our growth and development. Not just in terms of layout but also in terms staff, features, and what we are able to offer you, the readers. Though I believe with the strong staff that we have here at Gaming Angels.com, we remain unwavering in our vision to make a welcome, informative community for all those that embrace all that is geek. I believe in the future, we will be continue to strive to do so, and try to provide you the reader with news, blogs, interviews and features that make us Gaming Angels.com. I personally wish that I can remain to be a part of this wonderful staff for as long as I am able to.

    Favorite Games:
    The Final Fantasy Series: Mainly 7, 9 and Tactics
    ANY Kirby Game
    The Legend of Zelda Series
    Batien Katos Series
    Warcraft 3

    Game that you just couldn’t stop playing:
    World of Warcraft, till I had an intervention in June of 2005.

    Weird thing you do during while playing games:
    I paint my toe/finger nails while I play video games

    Favorite System:
    Right now I’ll have to say the DS. I can take it anywhere in my purse and play random games while waiting. ^.^

    Favorite Food:
    Sushi, Pocky, Fish and Chips with Dressing and Gravy, Veggie Pizza and Veggie Subs.

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Thank you guys! ^-^ It is a very different world to work in, yet I don't think I would work anywhere else. (I say this for now :P)

It takes very special people to be able to put up with kids all day long, especially of the grades 7-12 variety. =)

awwww Great bio! I don't know how you have the patience to deal with kids all day!