Zombies and Stars from Section 23

Section 23’s clients Sentai Filmworks and Switchblade Pictures have brought out new releases today: “Zombie Hunter Rika“, and “Legends of the Dark Kings Complete Collection“.

Switchblade Pictures publication Zombie Hunter Rika is the third in the Nihombie series – included releases being Attack Girls’ Swim Team (out now) and Zombie Self-Defense Force (out October 13). The story to today’s release follows Rika, a typical Japanese high school student who has skipped class to visit her grandfather instead. Only, she doesn’t factor in the fact that her grandfather’s village is populated by the living dead and Rika doesn’t exactly fare well. Luckily Grandpa Ryuhei stitches all of her body parts back in place while giving her a few extras to make her the ultimate zombie fighter. Joined by her friends Takashi and Yuji, all 3 take on the boss of bosses – Zombie Boss Glorian!

Sentai Filmworks publication Legends of the Dark Kings Complete Collection is said to be a prequel (more-or-less) to the highly popular production Fist of the North Star. It tells the story of a man more mighty than the Fist of the North Star – his big brother. Raoh, trained in and master of the art Hokuto Shinken, proves his worth by changing the future of the world and reshaping its destiny. He believes that the only way to save mankind is to grind it under his giant heel. What happens next? Find out in Legends of the Dark King: A Fist of the North Star Story!

Both releases are out as of today, 15th September 2009. Zombie Hunter Rika is unrated and will cost $24.98US, while Legends of the Dark Kings Complete Collection is rated MA and will cost $39.98US.

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