FIFA 10 holds strong in the UK Game Sales charts


FIFA 10 scored another goal as it remained a UK favorite and sold enough to hold onto the top spot in the sales charts for last week. There was some competition with games brand new to the countdown like Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (2), Scribblenauts (12), Star Wars: Clone Wars Republic Heroes (15), Wii Play (19), and Mario Strikers Charged Football (20).

The UK charts should be very interesting in the next few weeks as the onslaught of new games starts. The biggest drop was MySims Agents from 7 to 13. Gran Turismo gets an opposite boost from 12 to 7.

The most popular publisher is overwhelmingly Nintendo with 7 games in the top 20. It’s been a long time since one publisher has dominated that much. Out of the top 20 (for publisher) is Activision.

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