Guest Article: GameX – Career in Comics Panel

Interested in Starting a Career in Comics? A Few Pros from GameX May Have Some Answers to Your Questions

Phil Chan-
Ross Scott-

Saturday, October 24th at GameX I attended a panel on breaking into the comics industry. The speakers listed above spoke of their experiences, what helps them, and what people who are interested in getting started in comics (writer or artist) can do to jump start their career.

For awhile Phil Chan was alone and started talking about the best ways for people to begin a business in the comics industry. He stated that it’s harder for a writer than an artist because all an artist basically has to do is just show up at a convention with their portfolio and say, “Hey! Can you take a look at these?” As a writer it is definitely harder to grasp someone. From the artistic side it is imperative that he/she be able to tell a story with their pictures. He suggested that the writer or artist needs to get involved with all conventions so he/she can begin networking and getting themselves out there.

He suggested the best thing to do is pair up a writer and artist right away. From there there are many “comic repositories”-mass publishing sites for web comics-on the internet. Making your own site is preferred, but you can always set up a free WordPress account and use their “comic press” theme at first.

After the rest of the panelists joined in the real discussions began. They continued to give out suggestions to the audience on the best ways to get started. Art design college and photography classes [can help with 2D design] were a couple of thoughts from the panelists. They also suggested some literature to the curious audience: Three Uses of the Knife and Understanding Comics.

An interesting question from an audience member was, “What is your personal creative process?” The panelists’ answers were pretty simple: It’s different every time. Ross said he always tries something different, and may even give himself limitations. Dern likes to start blank and just scribble characters to begin. Phil, and others agree, some of the best times your mind is free to be creative and focused is when you’re in the shower, before bed, riding to work, etc.

It was an interesting and insightful panel for sure! They panelists gave great information for anyone interested in starting a career in the comics industry.

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