Halloween celebrations hit Age of Conan

aocnight1Today Funcom released a new patch for Age of Conan entitled “Nights of Lost Souls.” This update brings some fun seasonal content to the game right in time for Halloween and also introduces the new Veteran Points system for long time players of AoC.

“It being that time of year, we employed a few tricks to provide our players with some special treats,” says Craig Morrison, Game Director and Executive Producer on `Age of Conan’. “In this update we have added new seasonal in-game content where players will have to progress through three brand new quest lines and get to challenge the dark and mysterious ghosts of Hyboria’s fallen warriors in order to collect the seasonal rewards. We are also very excited about introducing the Veteran Points system, which allows us to reward those players who have been sticking with the game for longer periods of time.”

The new Halloween content will allow players to get spooky themed items like an Unholy Backscratcher and even a demon pet! There will also be two new areas in Tarantia, a villa where some unsavory things are happening, and the Iron Tower: a high-level dungeon that will feature new encounters and loot, and will also bring the storyline from Tarantia Commons to a close.

The Veteran Points system looks to be like a great addition to long term AoC players. With this system, players can earn points to collect exclusive rewards like mounts, experience points, teleportation abilities, equipment and more! You start earning these after playing for a month, and gain more each time you add more game time to your account. And for the people who have been playing since AoC came out, don’t worry as these points are retroactive so you will get credited for the time you’ve already played!

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