Kindle has new lower price


The Amazon Kindle now has a lower price! Down from $299, the Kindle is $259. The $259 Kindle has the ability to use US Wireless. The $279 version has US and International Wireless in case you are a constant traveler.

The $259 Kindle is available for immediate shipping while the $279 can be pre-ordered today for delivery starting in two weeks.

The wireless technology used is 3G which means you won’t have to hunt for a Wi-Fi spot. You also won’t have any wireless bills or any contracts to sign. They have a coverage map here so you can see how good the coverage is in your area.

The Kindle can hold 1,500 books and the battery life allows for up to two weeks of reading on a single charge.

I don’t have a Kindle yet and I look forward to the day I can play around with one, but the reviews on the Amazon page reflect that users are having a good experience with the Kindle.

UPDATE: will be one of the many blogs you can choose from to read on your Kindle in 48-72 hours! Let me know if you subscribe!

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