Torchlight Preorders now available


Gamers that are excited for Torchlight can now get their preorder in at Perfect World Entertainment portal at

The title is $19.99 and preorders will get to download right away on October 27. Preorders will also be entered to win limited edition Torchlight posters signed by Runic Games’ CEO Max Schaefer and co-founder Erich Schaefer.

“Runic Games has always been about delivering quality action-RPG entertainment to gamers and by offering Torchlight preorders, gamers can look forward to being one of the first to enjoy the game,” said Max Schaefer, CEO of Runic Games. “For less than a pair of movie tickets, Torchlight offers nearly limitless replayability, as well as our full development tool suite.”

“Torchlight is a phenomenal game coming from the industry’s top talent and we are very pleased to be able to offer preorders to players on our portal,” said Dr. Alan Chen, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment. “For us, Torchlight bridges the gap between Eastern and Western players and we look forward to working closely with Runic Games on the upcoming, free-to-play MMO version of Torchlight.”

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