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  • 12Nov

    BlizzCon may be in Vegas next year!



    BlizzCon has outgrown Anaheim Convention Center. Every year many more people attempt to get tickets to BlizzCon but end up not getting in. It looks like Blizzard may be looking to correct that with next year’s BlizzCon.

    WoW.com found on the Vegas Convention website that Blizzard has reserved for BlizzCon 2010 in Las Vegas July 30th and 31st. Viva Las Vegas! The new space can hold 30,000 instead of Anaheim’s 20,000.

    Blizzard has yet to announce the venue, but I would bet on it being in Vegas next year! You know GamingAngels will be there to get all the coverage!

    UPDATE: Blizzard has added this official response which isn’t so surprising:
    “We haven’t announced any details regarding our next BlizzCon, so please refrain from making any travel plans at this time.”

    UPDATE #2: Update 12:30 p.m. PST, 11-13-09: The LVCC has retracted their statement. LVCC is saying that it was human error and the confirmation they gave was false. There was a hold placed because they were talking to Blizzard but the hold was made a reservation by accident.

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I hope it's in vegas too...I live here! I could do some coverage on the event lolz!


fingers crossed!!!! I hope it's in Vegas!!!!!!