Diner Dash comes to Xbox Live Arcade


We’re fans of Flo’s adventures here on GamingAngels.com. Hudson just sent us a press release with details that Flo is making her way to the console. Diner Dash will be coming to Xbox Live on November 18. It will be the first time the casual game from Playfirst is on the Xbox Live Arcade.

“Diner Dash will feature the classic gameplay that fans have come to adore along with updated HD graphics,” said Sabine Duvall, vice president of product development at Hudson Entertainment. “With a brand-new 8-person multiplayer mode, a whole new group of players are going to enjoy Diner Dash.”

Diner Dash will be in 3D and players will still be taking control of Flo helping her run the restaurant as smooth as possible. These games still stress me out. I handle enough time crunches in real life! A cool feature is the ability to play with co-workers in an up to seven player multiplayer in Team Dash or go head to head against someone to see who’s the best.

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