Guest Review: The Sword by the Luna Brothers


The Sword
Writer/Artist-The Luna Brothers
Published by Image Comics

Dara Brighton is a wheelchair bound young girl and a gifted art student. Her life changes when mysterious people (2 men and 1 woman) with great powers enter her home and kill her family. They claim her father has sword which belongs to them. After the mayhem Dara finds herself in her basement, alive and near the very sword that was spoken of. Issue one ends with the paraplegic Dara standing on her own two feet. As the story goes on we soon learn that sword is thousands of years old, as is Dara’s dad. The story is filled with fantasy, myth, action and more. As the story continues we find out the mysterious trio were once gods, had a brother that was destroyed and contain deadly elemental powers. It’s up to Dara to stop them, but she’ll need help from her two friends. Especially because they are the only people in town who don’t think she’s a dangerous crazed mad woman.

The thing about the Luna Brothers is their art is similar in every book they do. The characters look almost the same and the style is always the same. They draw in a very cinematic style, each page almost like a film real. However, their stories are so engaging and the writing is so good, you will almost always look past the duplicate art style.

Currently the story is at issue #19. As with their past series, the Luna Brothers plan on going until issue #24.

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