Review: Lips Number One Hits


ESRB: Teen
System: Xbox 360
Genre: Music
Number of Players: 1-4, 2-4 co-op
Developer: Microsoft
Release Date: October 2009

Lips Number One Hits is the follow up sequel to the original Lips on the Xbox 360. The theme being Number One Hits, so the game features songs that were all number one on the charts at some point. The game has a wireless mic that comes with it which is compatible with other music games. Some of the new hits include Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida,” Rihanna’s “Disturbia,” MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This,” Timbaland’s “Apologize” featuring OneRepublic, and Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon”. It’s a good mix of recent songs and 80’s hits that most of us know and love.

New to Lips Number One Hits is the interaction with your avatar in game. The player’s avatar is now featured in the menu screen and then becomes part of the game. New to this title your avatar will show you certain moves that you have to do during the song. Do the moves correctly and add to your score. Miss them and you probably won’t get the Party medal. The moves are pretty easy to do an range from posing to actively dancing.

The mic is also now an active sound machine. You’ll shake it to make clap noises, tambourine sounds and other gestures. Although be careful with how you gesture, I pulled a muscle in my wrist by being a bit too excited to shake my tambourine.


One of the best improvements to Lips Number One hits is the way the music is organized. The new Xbox LIVE Music Channel, makes it easier to see what music you have and what music you may want to purchase. There are options for how you’d like to sort your songs as well.

Another improvement that helps Lips Number One Hits have major staying power is the organization of the leaderboards. The leaderboards show where you are against the top 100 and you also get a trophy depending on how the gamer places. It definitely makes it competitive! I found myself repeating songs just to make sure I beat someone ahead of me. I also enjoy the feature of seeing my friends on a separate leaderboard. This should make for some interesting trash talking. How are songs scored? As players sing through the song, the game scores with a medal system that you earn for the following: pitch, rhythm, performance, party, technique, and stability.

I definitely think you should purchase this game if you enjoy party games, love music games, or just want something you can let loose and have fun with. This is the perfect karaoke game for parties now that it uses the avatars and it lets you use your own music as well. I enjoy the scoring system and it really does make you competitive. The medal system lets you know where you can improve on the song. The dancing and other avatar moves bring a new level to karaoke games. I was lucky enough to grab a few Gold trophies before many people were on line but now the competition is tough! So be prepared to bring your inner superstar!