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    Review: Zombie Tycoon

    ESRB: T for Teen Developer: Frima Studio Number of Players: One Size: 54 MB Price: $7.99 (CDN) Rating: Buy In my opinion, you can never have too many video games with zombies. Usually, you are spending all your time shooting them in the head, severing their limbs and trying to figure out how to stop the outbreak from spreading. We spend all this time destroying them, but what about the people who create and control them? Zombie Tycoon pits you as a budding ZEO (Zombie Executive Officer). You are given access to three zombie units with which you will terrorize the streets, destroying buildings and eating brains as you plan your global domination. Each of the game’s ten levels boasts a new map with various obstacles and items to collect. With the over 100 items, you can arm your zombie minions to the teeth, equipping them with items such as

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