• 01Dec

    Marvel teams up with TokiDoki


    This might be a dream team. Comic giant is teaming up with TokiDoki for a totally cute line of Marvel wear. TokiDoki is lead by Simone Legno and is known for it’s super cute, Japanese inspired clothing. @MattLeung on Twitter, mentioned the news and I had to post it here!

    While these designs are not final, you can view them here. I must have the Thor and Unicorn shirt. Must..now..

    The TokiDoki/Marvel line will consist of t-shirts, hats, skate deck and other items. No date on the release of the clothing yet, only Spring 2010. Hopefully they will have them for sale at San Diego Comic Con.

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I want the Thor with the lighting blot cloud!


I wonder what else TokiDoki will do. They've already taken over my fav. yogurt joint, YogurtLand. :P I've now got 4 crazy food-themed yogurt spoons... what else can I possibly get...