Patch 3.3 Fall of the Lich King out today!

wow_lichking[This post will be under revision]Confirmed by Zarhym, Patch 3.3 is out today! Patch notes can be found here, and if you haven’t started your downloader yet, you may want to! Mirrors for both PC and Mac users are already up for (hopefully) faster patch downloads.

Not much else is available at the moment, and I have not seen the official trailer for the patch out yet. Once I do I will update this post with it!

While you’re waiting for the patch to download, you can check out my post from yesterday here, read up on the essential lore for patch 3.3 at here. Also during the downtime make sure to check if all of your addons are up to date. You can always do a quick update if you use the Curse client, or you can just double check on the site. And make sure that any user interfaces that you use are compatible.

And for those of us who are stuck at work unable to start setting up for the final patch of WotLK, I feel you as I alas won’t be able to begin the fun until later tonight. My hopes are that there isn’t much lag (or queue to get on!) and downloading from the mirrors will go a lot quicker.

[Update 2:20pm EST] Maintenance has been extended by 1hr (source)

[Update 3:23pm EST] According to, realms are still down and the forums seem to be iffy on being up.

[Update 3:25pm EST] @Warcraft says that they are “In the final stages of resolving the issues. We will provide another update in about 1 hour.” So another hour of downtime!

[Update 4:00pm EST] Seems like realms are coming up now! Also check out this great comic from Ctrl+Alt+Del about patch day (warning: some adult humor)

corehound_pup[Update 4:30pm EST] According to, some characters are receiving corehound pups and some users reporting being stuck at the loading screen. The @Warcraft twitter account said that realms would be playable within the hour so they’re still working out some kinks. Oh and I really hope all characters are getting that corehound pet! He’s really cute looking. Anybody having issues logging in or have you received the pet?

[Update 4:47pm EST] Blizzard confirms that the corehound pet is for authenticator users. This goes for mobile or physical authenticator users. So enjoy your new pets!

[Update 5:41pm EST] According to the Warcraft twitter account they are still investigating the authenticator system and preventing log in. Another update in an hour.

[Update 5:55pm EST] The patch 3.3 trailer is now available! You can watch it on the official site here, as well as download a snazzy wallpaper.

[Update 7:53pm EST] Well according to the latest updates on it seems as if after some time with the realms, site, forums and store down that some realms appear to possibly be coming back online. I haven’t had a chance to check for myself yet (been afk on the subway). Also according to the Warcraft twitter account about an hour ago they said that work was continuing and that we would have more news in an hour. So hopefully we will either hear some news soon when realms will be working again!

[Update 8:06pm EST] Well my realm (Stormscale) seems to be online albeit pretty laggy. This is probably a good sign!

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Thanks for the update. is down atm also so it's good to see some news.