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    Demo: Dark Void and Impressions in HD Video

    Shucks, looks like we have another rental on our hands brought to you by Airtight games and Capcom. Amanda seems to possess a real knack for selecting less than average titles to Demo, but I’m a pro at pointing-out “UR  DEWIN’ IT ‘RONG.” So you’re probably thinking I’m chuggin’ this here hatorade right about now, but my initial judgment is correct more often than not. I’d say it’s just another WET: enjoyed by the minority, flawed in important places, and another 7-7.5/10  to be buried under the sequel monster that is Mass Effect 2. Dark Void is a third-person shooter that may be given a lowly sequel for fun, but even the lowsy fun-factor I experienced in mid-air combat is hardly the right amount of amusement to overcome the rest of the 2010 line-up; I can already hear the melodious piano echoing T.I.’s “Dead and Gone.” The whole sha-bang centers

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