Kick Off the New Year with XBL Indie Games

Four new Indie Games have come to the Xbox 360 over the past few days. For those of you unfamiliar with Indie Games, these are games made by very small studios, usually just one or two people working out of a home, who just want to put together small game that they hope people will enjoy. Not all of these are massive hits (there are quite a few duds out there), but it does give these individuals a place to showcase their talents.

Battle Beat 4

Battle Beat allows you to use your instrument peripherals for more than just Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. Using your guitar and drum accessories (feel free to use a normal controller if you wish), you will command your outer space armies to save the home planet.

The game’s creator touts this as a rhythm game, and after watching a video trailer for the game via the developer’s YouTube page, I am reminded of Patapon.

You can download a free trial version of the game or purchase it for 400 MS points from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Kaotic Puzzle

Next up is Kaotic Puzzle. Check out this video (and others in the playlist) and tell me if this does not scream Bejeweled with a hint of Meteos. Creating chain reactions by removing blocks from your screen will “attack” your opponent, sending waves of new blocks into his screen, hopefully causing an overload. This Indie Game will run you 240 MS points (or as always check out the free trial) from the Marketplace.

Evolution Dream Studio is hyping up two new titles (Pirate Mayhem and Avatar Quest) by giving away download tokens to three previous releases: Words in a Word, Planet Delta, and Bomb Disposal Expert. Their friends at Ninja Fever also want to get in on the action and are giving away codes for their game, Dual Zone. Combined across all four titles, there are 50 tokens to be won.

Visit the official Evolution Dream Studio page to see the rules for the giveaway. Contest closes Jan 27th at 12am GMT and winners are limited to one game token.

And if Geometry Wars and zombies are your cup of tea, then you can always check out I Maed a Gam3 W1th Zombies, one of the most highly rated (and previously reviewed by yours truly) and downloaded Indie Games available.

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