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  • 06Jan

    One Billion People Will Own SmartPhones: Market Analysis


    There is nothing like a little bit of marketing analysis to get the day started right. As it stands now, many people are buying smartphones. I am sure if you poll the staff members at Gaming Angels.com, a number of us have smartphones. The difference is, that according to a report by David Luu entitled Handheld Device Convergence, we are still buying different deviced for different functions. If you look at my bag for travel, or for work, I have a number of items in there. I have a laptop, A DS, and Ipod, a digital camera and a cell phone. Yes, I carry a large bag.

    Taken from the report is the fact that by 2013 there will be about 1 billion users of smart phones by 2013.

    Last year, mobile phone ownership exceeded four billion users – which equates to nearly 60% of the world’s population. And in the face of a handset market which is slowing on the whole, smartphone sales are rising fast, with our year-end forecasts for 2009 showing smartphone sales representing 17% of total handset shipments. By 2013, more than one billion people will own a smartphone.

    What is occurring is that the cell phone is equipped with more and more devices. Cameras, music players, and even gaming functions are available on many smartphones, such as the Iphone, Palm Pre, Blackberry and Andriod. Though currently these functions are in there primary stages, they are always being improved upon, and there will come a time where the phones function will be equal to the function of another single function device.

    A question to all you GA readers, how many of you are already carrying a smartphone? Do you think you will ever need a smartphone? Do you even have a desire to have a smart phone?

    Source: www.futuresource-consulting.com


Think about what you want from your technology. Many people own very high spec devices and dont use more than the most basic functions. I am on my third device and have gone back to a fairly basic Nokia candybar - but for me the important thing is it syncs my calendar and contacts to my Mac - thats all I need! I dont need mobile internet, GPS or email - I can get these easily and cheaply in other ways. The price of iPHone and others is a lot if you average out over the data plans - its not trivial.


I have always loved and owned smartphones, but I don't see how I'll ever get rid of the DS and other handheld devices. Until I installed Evernote on my iPhone I still took notes on post-its.


No desire at all to own a 'smart' phone. It's too expensive and too flashy. As long as my cell phone can make and get calls, that's all I care about! Good luck to the other 3,999,999,999 people that own cell phones and want them, though!


I love my iPhone. My husband has the new htc Hero, which is pretty darned awesome I think. I wouldn't trade him, but it's a pretty cool smartphone.


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