Is This ESPN, or is 2K Baseball 2010 Looking Really Good?

2K Sports has done a good thing in 2K Baseball 2010 that helps it finally catch up with other sports games — implemented a “My Player” mode. Much like the career modes in other sports games, this allows you to create a player and take him through his career from the minors to the majors.

I’ll admit to being a bit of a baseball fanatic from time to time. And this mode encompasses what I did for years — follow a single player wherever he went. Granted, your player won’t have to spend ages in the Minor Leagues to get called up, as 2K’s gone with the much better choice of completing a certain number of Minor League games before moving on to the Majors. It fits into the mantra of “easy to play, hard to master” — Before you make it to the Majors, you have to learn to do certain things.

Your player is 100% in your hands from conception (ew, not that one) to Hall of Fame recognition. You pick his position, his sunglasses, heck, probably even his eyebrows. You start at the Amateur Draft and move forward from there.

Luckily for me, Mike Del Santo from 2K did a huge writeup on the new mode here and here that goes into even the tiniest of minutae. Also, we’ve got a trailer for this mode right below this sentence (oh yeah).

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