Neverending Story: Fairytale, Fantasy, Obsession exhibit

I love fairytales and I also love Royal/T. Royal/T is the maid cafe we last visited for the Hello Kitty Anniversary exhibit. Today we visit Royal/T again for a press event to check out their brand new exhibit examining fairy tales and it’s contemporary expression, fantasy.

We’re incredibly excited to check out the works curated by Laura Hoptman, Senior Curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. The exhibit will cover art from US, Europe, and Asia over the past decade.

We’ll be at the Opening Reception taking video and pictures of the event as they invite press to “Fall down the rabbit hole”. They promise music from DJ Dave Mueller, themed appetizers, and Alice and Rabbit characters. I’ll have to break my diet..just for you.

I hope you’ll enjoy our coverage as we venture down into the rabbit hole to see the land of fairy tales. If you would like to see this exhibit, it is running from Feb. 5th – Aug. 4th, 2010. Go to Royal/T’s website for all the information.

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Royal/T is a great venue and less than 3 blocks from my house in Culver City, this sounds like a great event, thanks for letting me know!