Alice in Wonderland in theaters today

Alice in Wonderland at SDCC

Do you hear that squeal? It’s millions of fangirls that are ecstatic because Alice in Wonderland is finally out! How many of you have your tickets already? Today we have some fun facts about the movie and the last trailer from Disney.

Let’s start the “Did you know”?

Director Tim Burton’s London office was once owned by Arthur Rackham, a famous English book illustrator who created the iconic color plates for the 1907 edition of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

The Mad Hatter suffers from mercury poisoning, a common and unfortunate condition of many hatters of the time who used the chemical regularly for their craft. Depp and Burton elevated this Hatter’s madness by literally showcasing the character’s many mad mood swings in his makeup and wardrobe, creating a virtual human mood ring.

The potion Alice drinks to shrink is called Pishsolver. The cake she eats to grow is called Upelkuchen.

Helena Bonham Carter endured three hours of makeup each morning to transform into the fiery Red Queen. With the help of makeup pro Vallie O’Reilly, the actress was decked out in white powder, lots of blue eye shadow, painted eyebrows and perfect, heart-shaped bow-mouth lips. The special effects team enlarged Bonham Carter’s head in post production, creating the final look for the big-headed Queen.

The Mad Hatter’s eyes were slightly enlarged making them between 10 and 15 percent bigger than Johnny Depp’s own.

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I suggest seeing it in IMAX 3D if you have the chance. I like the movie a lot. It's loosely based on the "Jabberwocky" poem that Lewis Carroll wrote. Casting was an A+. I like the fact that it paid it's respect to Carroll and didn't reinterpret the story but rather answered the question "what happened to Alice after Wonderland?".


I can't wait to get a chance to go out and see it - hopefully tomorrow. Anything with Johnny Depp is awesome. I've even seen earlier stuff - Benny & Joon for example.