Okay, So Maybe PlayStation Just Wants Us to Move

NeoGAF user GoFreak uncovered a European trademark filed by Sony yesterday. That filing claims the name for Sony’s 1:1 motion controller to be “PlayStation Move.” (Normally, forum posts aren’t reliable, but this is the same person who found the PlayStation Home logo, so he has some credibility.)

They also filed a trademark on the symbol in the picture, which is, despite being a little grainy, theoretically the logo. It doesn’t look like an “M,” more like an “A” for Arc (which is what some people, including myself, have been calling it) but it’s also a nice representation of a light trail, which would still work.

Maybe this will be confirmed at Sony’s press conference tonight. Or we’re all wrong and it’s just the PlayStation Magic Stick.

I don’t really care what it’s called…I just want some semblance of Heavy Rain support. What games are you looking forward to seeing that will include Sony’s motion controller?

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