OnLive is Imminent, Coming to PC and Mac Before Your TV

GameStop reported from the GamesBeat conference at GDC today that OnLive, the service that promises to stream games lag-free by doing all the graphics processing on servers, will be launching on June 17 in the lower 48 states via a Mac/PC browser plug-in for the service. (Sorry Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada!) Mini-consoles that attach to HDTVs will come later in the year.

Right now, a monthly service charge of $14.95 is all it will cost to get going (besides buying the games you want to play at a slightly-lowered price). For the first 25,000 people that sign up, however, the first three months’ fees will be waived. (To give that a shot, go here.)

Publishers supporting the service include, EA, Take Two, Codemasters, Ubisoft, THQ, Epic, Atari, and Warner Bros. The service has been demonstrated with minimal lag as of last year, but what happens when thousands of people sign on? That’s a question that will be answered in June.

A 60 frames-per-second at 1080p rollout is expected in 2011, with an international release also planned for the future.

Is this a console killer? Or is the constant Internet connection a problem for you? After Ubisoft’s PC titles required a constant Internet connection to function, a lot of people couldn’t play when the servers went down. Will that happen here? (Before you ask, my guess is yes.) Discuss it in the comments!

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