I am the post it note Queen. They hold my place in books, they are stuck all over my laptop, work station, hold my to do list, my need list, and that milk, bread and pizza list holder. They are bright, colorful, and oh so sticky.  Of course, when I see Sticky note application on MAC’s, Windows Sidebars, Linxus, I get SUPER excited. I want to know how it works, what are the functions and what makes them different  for the other.
My attention was drawn right away to Stickr, a site that is very twiiterish in style, and design. You can have followers, and track the stickrs that you post onto websites. So other friends can see what you have left on the site, and your reminders.  This is a great Firefox application for those of you needing to keep notes on websites all over the internet. The plus side with the site is the fact that you can connect your twitter, facebook, google and other accounts that you might already own to your new stickr account. So you can let your friends know when and where you have been sticking notes.
I found that the application was very easy to use, great colors, and font. It was really fun and very useful, especially if you are writing papers, or articles.

Currently, the application is only available for the firefox browser.
To get the application head over to
Source: Geek Sugar

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