The Art of Emerald City Comic Con

Somewhere along the way, Comic Cons (short for ‘Comic Book Conventions’) became something more than comics. The comics are still very much a part of every Con, but people like myself find themselves there for other reasons. Every year, the Emerald City Comic Con serves a need for art, and there’s no better place to find the best selection than there. My best friend and I usually come away with too much swag to carry comfortably, and this is just a sampling of our haul this year.

The TopatoCo booth + beards

Right through the main entrance is what we came to see first: the TopatoCo booth. Though more of a fortress or small city than a booth, and severely lacking in Nedroid, TopatoCo was overflowing with amazing webcomics, including Kris StraubJeff Jaques, and Kate Beaton.

After this landmark was seen, it was time to find art we didn’t know we wanted yet. One of the booths close to where we were already was the Monster Commute setup, offering this Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive. If you’ve ever been lost in downtown Seattle, you’ll appreciate the love they’ve shown for this north star-esque landmark. The friend and I picked up some adorable pictures of angry miso soup and headed on to the next booth.

She, a lover of sea creatures, me, a sucker for raccoons, we homed in on the cute/creepiness of Kraken Studios. There my compadre was able to amass a small arsenal of octopus buttons and the most adorable picture of a happy dragon you’ve ever seen, more of which can be found on artist Katy Hargove’s blogspot. Next to them was the super-colorful Josh Ellingson, with a picture of a raccoon that I had to buy. It’s hanging on the wall in my bedroom, near the window.

I love it but it’s SO SAD!

There was, of course, much more to see. However, this Con is special to us because of the art. Annual conventions have become the best place to see what else the online comic or indie artist world has to offer. Spread the love, share what you like with those around you, and constantly look for more!

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this was my first time going to emerald city comic con but i scored lots of art. and of course i got tons of comic books too. haha.


Love the focus and mention of artists at ECCC!