Torchlight gets a release for Australia!

Aussies who’ve been wondering when the game Torchlight will grace our shores – wonder no more!

Come April, the folks at Mindscape are excited to make Torchlight available to purchase from your local retailer and apparently it has new exclusive features that aren’t in the online version. Some of those features will include the ferret as a bonus pet and an optional full DVD editor which lets you create your own content, while the key features include randomisation, simple interface and retirement system.

In the RPG (brought to us by the designers and leads of Diablo® and others) you need to save the town of Torchlight, embarking on a perilous journey through many dangerous locations to cleanse the mines. Choose from 1 of 3 Character Classes to battle your way through dungeons and against monsters while searching for fame and fortune.

Winner of quite a few awards including “Best Debut Game” Award at the 2010 Game Developers Choice Awards, Torchlight will be available from all major retailers and computer software outlets from in April 2010 and will cost $29.95AUD.

If you’d like more info on Torchlight, you can find it at You can also read an interview by GamingAngel with the games developers, Runic Games!

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