Excuse me!?:Rude Gameware Launches New Gaming Peripherals

Rude Gameware has launched a brand new gaming headset, the Primal PC Headset and mouse, the Fierce 3200 targeted to those PC gamers that are looking for the extra edge in their performance.

As suggested by the press release, the Primal PC headset is designed for the maximum in comfort for those long gaming sessions. Some very notable features of the headset:

  • Can work with any PC, Portable gaming and audio device with a 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • A battery pack adapter to power the feedback feature.
  • In-line volume control.
  • Noise cancelling technology
  • Force feedback feature
  • Lightweight, and fully adjustable for comfort
  • Soft fabric ear cups and padding the headband
  • Detachable noise cancelling mic

The Fierce 3200 DPI, is a laser gaming mouse which promises to provide comfortable with this specificly designed form, non-slip grips and slick pads.  Some important features of the mouse:

  • A real-time adjustable DPI
  • A high quality laser sensor
  • Adjustable weights
  • USB connection

One of the goals for the Rude Games is to provide affordable gaming peripheral for all gamers.  Each of these wonderful products are available at a suggested retail price of  $49.95 US.  If you compare similar products that are on the market for gamers, this is helping gamers get though this big bad recession.

For more information:

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safety mats

oh, I just thought it is a new product but now I see it's 5 years old product. Did their product still market new?


Rika, I am very unsure if it is a USB connection, but I shall scan over the products press release and find out for you. According to the image it does look like it does, yet the jacks do not look right.


Is that a USB adapter for the headset there? I've got to have the USB option because of my case.