Ousted Infinity Ward Co-Founders Form Respawn Entertainment – Coincidentally, Drama Will Probably Respawn

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Jason West and Vince Zampella, recently-fired Infinity Ward Co-Founders and Creators of the Call of Duty series, have formed a new development studio, Respawn Entertainment.

In a move that surprises approximately no one, Electronic Arts, Activision’s main competitor, has been awarded worldwide publishing and distribution rights by the studio.

Because West and Zampella have been involved in FPS titles for so long, it’s almost certain (especially considering the startup’s name) that they’ll continue making games in the FPS genre. (Even though they apparently don’t have any specific games planned.)

Their deal with EA allows them to own any IP that gets published. So, that’s good for them personally, as it’ll ensure that they get more control over every game that leaves the studio.

EA is currently expecting blockbuster game franchises to come out of the duo, but will their lawsuit against Activision come back to bite them before they even get started? Well, we’ll only know that in time.

At the moment, their website doesn’t have much – the name of the company and an e-mail address for jobs (they’re looking for designers, artists and engineers – submit your resume to jobs@respawn.com). But a lot more’s going to come out of that website. Maybe even some stuff we’ll be fawning over in the future.

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