Starz’s “Party Down” Gets a Free VOD Preview

Starz is offering at least two preview episodes of critically-acclaimed series “Party Down” for free on-demand and online starting April 21. The series’ second season premiere is April 23 at 10 PM (ET/PT). Note how I said “at least two.” Some cable providers have managed to get you a little more.

Two episodes from season two and additional season one episodes will be available on the following television providers:

  • Blue Ridge Communications (HD),
  • Buckeye CableSystem,
  • Cablevision,
  • Charter Communications (HD),
  • Comcast,
  • Cox Communications (HD),
  • Mediacom Communications Corporation (HD),
  • Midcontinent Communications,
  • RCN (HD),
  • Service Electric Cablevision, and
  • Verizon FiOS

DirectTV is also offering the new and old episodes, but on a slightly different time table – the first episode is available on April 22, then the second on April 29. These two episodes (along with a pair from the first season) will re-air on The 101 Network.

AT&T U-verse subscribers get the “Party Down” preview episodes on the Buzz channel,  as well as a favorite season one episode along with other behind-the-scenes footage. The special block of programming will air April 21 at 11:30 PM, with an encore on April 28.

Fancast XFINITY (AKA Comcast) TV ( will have four full episodes available for screening online, and will also be streaming the episodes. The season’s debut will also be available for free from several digital distribution portals (Amazon, iTunes, PSN, and Zune/Xbox LIVE) on April 23.

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