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  • 01Apr

    When’s the Last Time You Donated Money for Free, and Got to Play a Game, Too?

    Capcom is promoting Lost Planet 2 through its new “Kill Big for Charity” program. What does it entail? Well, the first one million people on PS3 and Xbox 360 to download the multiplayer demo amounts to a $20,000 charity donation from Capcom to Music for Relief. If another 500,000 people download the demo (making 1.5 million downloads), Capcom will donate another $5,000.

    The early access to the beta (through www.lostplanetcommunity.com and various blogs) started yesterday, and this promotion is running until May 5.

    Capcom is also holding a pre-launch party in Los Angeles on May 6 to celebrate Lost Planet 2′s May 11 release. If you can make it, an invite list is being set up on a first-come, first-served basis at www.capcom-unity.com later this month. The party will include a celebrity tournament (participants announced at a later date), with the winning team deciding which Music for Relief cause gets the demo download fund.

    Capcom is also holding a competition for a seat in the tournament and a trip to LA for the launch party starting today. How do you enter? Submit your best tips and tricks for beating the demo to Capcom Unity! Four winners will be chosen.

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