Backbreaker Demo now available on XBox LIVE!

Just in time for the rugby league season in Australia, 505 Games and NaturalMotion Games have released a demo for their innovative football games, Backbreaker, on Xbox LIVE. The game itself will hit stores in Australia and New Zealand on June 3, available on both Xbox and PS3.

Now, this is grid iron football, not Australia’s usual league or union “footy”. Yes, we are confused why grid iron feels the need to wear helmets and big pads, but we accept that the codes are different. Either way, Backbreaker already looks like a universally good sports release for the Australian market. In the demo alone, players can choose from one of six teams to play in exhibition mode, under various weather conditions in the San Francisco stadium. The demo puts our team into training, showing the player how to run, pass, kick and tackle.

Tackle Alley, not only a wonderful name for a mini game, is where the player can play solo or split-screen multiplayer as they avoid tackles and sacks.

This is also the first sports game that will use NaturalMotion’s “Euphoria” Engine, and the results are already telling in the promotional screens that show a variety of camera angles and crisp graphics. Players will be right in the middle of the action with this game – a welcome change and an exciting prospect!

 Backbreaker will have two modes – an intuitive feel in Arcade Mode (ever wanted a sports game that you can pick up and play? This is it!), and a more challenging Pro Mode that will turn off AI assists.

Rated G, Backbreaker launches nationwide on June 3, 2010 on Xbox 360 and PS3. For all of the latest information, visit the official website at

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