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  • 13Jun

    New Turtle Beach Ear Force PBT bluetooth for the PS3

    Sometimes there are products which you absolutely love. A few months ago I got to put on a TurtleBeach headset for the Xbox 360 and I feel in love. The surround sound quality and the crispness of sound was amazing for games, such as the FPS, where every sound counts.  When I received a press release about a new Ear Force PBT bluetooth communicator for the PS3, I jumped to get it out to you, the viewing public. The Ear Force PBT Bluetooth Communicator is a ear piece that can be used with any blue tooth mobile device, during a gaming session as well as on its own.   How does this work exactly, The Ear Force PBT connects to Turtle Beach’s Ear Force X31 and X41 XBOX headsets, via a 2.5mm jack, enabling them to be used with PS3 and its full PSN chat functionality. It can also be fully

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