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  • 19Jun

    Cuddle up with a vampire thanks to Vamplets!

    While I was at Toy Fair in NYC a few months ago, I came across an adorable new toy for kids. Called Vamplets, these cute and cuddly baby vampire plushies each with their own names and personalities. Thanks to the wonderful people at KidStuff, I was sent my very own baby Vamplet to get to know! Her name is Midnight Mori who has a cute personal statement: “A demon in diapers, bossy and restless, a fanatical leader you don’t want to mess with!” She has an adorable little pink bow with a skull on her head, and cute skull and cross bones diaper. I was also sent a little bottle filled with “blood,” and it’s one of those fun ones that when tilted the bottle empties.

    Along with the plush just being cute, they also have a great community website at Vamplets.com! There you can register your baby vamplet, learn more about them, talk in the forums and even print out an undeath certificate. The design is done very well and I have to say I’m a big fan of the artwork. The online community aspect is a great feature for these toys and looks like a fun environment for kids who want to extend their play online. I do hope that they extend their offering of accessories for the baby vampires beyond the bottle. Maybe little beds or different diapers for them to wear? Or their own vampire centric toys perhaps?

    Vamplets would make a good gift for friends who would love the cute yet spooky look. And also is great for kids who have become fans of vampires. They’d definitely be an interesting addition to any little girl’s tea party attendees. And they’re reasonably priced at $15.95! You can check out their store to see the other Vamplets that are offered as well as t-shirts and accessories.

    Also, kitties seem to like baby vampires too, as seen below.

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