Dust off your capes, it’s time for “City of Heroes: Going Rogue”

NCsoft and Paragon Studios announced today that the release date for their upcoming City of Heroes expansion (the first since City of Villains) will be August 17.

Built from the ground up, Going Rogue allows players to re-establish (or ruin) their fate based on moral decisions, completely altering and personalizing their gameplay experience. The game gives the players the opportunity to test the waters of good and evil with Vigilante and Rogue mission types and features 20 levels of new content, new zones, new missions and new villains. Not to mention badges and outfits.

It all takes place in a new world called Praetoria, which supports the Ultra Mode game setting that was recently introduced into the game. Textures will be crisper, lighting will be more dynamic and reflections and shadows will be much more detailed.

Fans of the MMO who pre-purchase the Going Rogue expansion for $29.99 (€19.99) receive Going Rogue’s Dual Pistols and Demon Summoning Power Sets without having to wait until August.

City of Heroes is a wildly successful MMO that allows you to take form as a super hero or a super villian, with the ability to customize your character as much as your heart desires and fight against other players (if you so choose). You can learn more about this title at the official website.

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