Interview: James Kosta of 3G Studios, Inc. creator of Brave Arms

Facebook is on the verge of having it’s very first FPS, by 3G Studios, and we were lucky enough to interview James Kosta, CEO and lead creator of the game to give you all a preview! With over 10,000 Facebook fans already anticipating the title, it’ll perhaps even rival the success of Farmville.

GA: Could we have some details on the game?
JK: Brave Arms is the premier 3D social shooter available on the Facebook platform. Brave Arms will simulate action packed gameplay from traditional console games, but will also allow players to create and customize their avatars and play with Facebook buddies in 3D environments. Players are put in the first-person perspective as they battle in teams or in a death match in different levels.

GA: What made you decide to utilize Facebook at a platform?
JK: Facebook is a network that is connected socially and that’s the goal of our game. We are creating a fun, social game that will allow players to compete against each other whether they are across the room or around the world. We are up to 10,000 fans and the game hasn’t even launched yet. There is obviously a desire for the game and the Facebook platform has given us the opportunity to connect with that audience on an immediate level.

GA: How will the scoring system work?
JK: Players will earn experience points which in turn they can use to purchase items out of the Brave Arms store (all downloadable content will be stored here).

GA: Will there be any special weapons?
JK: With all of the pieces and parts available for each weapon base, many unique weapons will come together based on the preferences of the users.

GA: Will there be micro transactions, like in other Facebook titles?
JK: Yes, there will be micro transactions on Brave Arms similar to other Facebook titles. In the immediate future, characters and weapons will come with downloadable accessories. Maps will also be available for purchase and download.

GA: Will this game be compatible with the iPad?
JK: Not in the immediate future but since we are working on the mobile side it wouldn’t be a stretch to utilize the iPad when using certain mobile features of Brave Arms.

GA: Can you challenge your friends, and if so, can you have a locked room with your friends?
JK: Yes, users will be able to challenge their friends and eventually there will be an option for users to host their own servers.

GA: Have you guys developed any other games for Facebook?
JK: As far as using Facebook as a platform, Brave Arms is the first. However, we have developed a range of titles available on traditional consoles and iPhone applications such as Combat Elite and Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009. The company also collaborated with Harmonix to release Rock Band. We also have several unannounced titles in the works. The technological challenges we’ve faced have been immense, therefore if we can deliver a fast-paced shooter on Facebook, any other game is cake so stay tuned!

GA: What does the company want gamers on Facebook to get out of this experience?
JK: Brave Arms is unlike any of the games available on Facebook as it’s not a text-based game. Social gamers are ready to graduate from these flash-based games and move on to console-quality games and we are proud to provide this for both the hard-core gamer as well as the casual gamer. This is a social shooter, which means action. Brave Arms will bring a real video game experience to Facebook users.

GA: Do you have any major goals for this game as well?
JK: Every game needs to have a sharp focus on one goal. Some games tell stories and other games are about simulation. Our Facebook games are about shared experience and the concept of social currency amongst friends. Brave Arms is a shooter that you can get into in 20 seconds, play for 10 minutes, and then smile for hours after.

GamingAngels would like to thank James Kosta and 3G Studios for lending us their time and sharing with us their wonderful new project! Gamers on Facebook will now have a lot more to do than to just tend their crops.

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