Paradox Promising “Lead & Gold” Improvement for PS3 Users

Fatshark and Paradox’s multiplayer cowboy game, Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, encountered a lot of negative press when it was first released. Mainly because it was a completely broken game, according to a few reviewers.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game, however, is about to get a little foundation lift. An update will make several “improvements and fixes,” including:

  • An elimination of unexpected problems
  • No more team-changing in private co-op games
  • No more issues with the revive or tag icons
  • Green game mode will no longer reward experience in the 2nd round
  • No more issues after picking up the sack in robbery mode
  • Your weapon won’t switch to the main one after a KD

Hopefully, all of this actually happens, or they’ll end up losing a lot of players. Now, when are the updates for the other platforms coming out?