Patch 3.3.5 released today in World of Warcraft!

Patch 3.3.5 is being released today, and as per normal patch days, servers are still down (until 1pm PST) last I checked. This patch is only dropping for North America today and will hit the International servers next week. This patch brings some interesting stuff with it, mainly the new RealID system with With this system in place you will be able to talk with friends who are playing on different WoW servers, or even different Blizzard games. I have to say I enjoy the prospect of being able to talk to my friends on other servers. The Ruby Sanctum will not be released today, but will be released soon to all servers at the same time.

So what to do while we wait for servers to come back online? Well I first highly recommend checking out this great interview with J. Allen Brack. It gives one heck of an insight into the development process over at Blizzard, and is in general a great read. There’s some good talk about his work at Blizzard as well as his experiences playing the game.

Blizzard also released a preview for The Ruby Sanctum. It gives us some good background into this new raid, and honestly makes me more excited to check it out.

You can also check out my latest State of Azeroth if you haven’t already!

And make sure to have Curse client up so that you can update all of your addons to reflect the new patch. Definitely makes it quick and easy to do so!

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