Review – Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland

With stories that were once covered by Disney, it’s hard for iterations to sometimes distinguish themselves from that goliath. However, the Mouse never seems to be a problem in Fiction Fixers, and a couple seek & find games into it I completely forgot it was once a movie.

Rating: E (for Everyone)
Players: 1
Genre: Casual
Developers: Fugazo, Inc.


While not a PC gamer, ever so often I find myself on the search for a new casual PC game that I can play… casually. It’s usually a pain wading through all of the casual gaming garbage for that rare gem (yeah, Bookworm Adventures!), but I was referred to Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland and I thought, “what the heck”.

The story starts when a member of the secret society “The Illterati” steals a copy of Alice in Wonderland from the Fiction Fixers headquarters. The Fiction Fixers sure aren’t going to take that lying down, so they send you on a mission to save Alice and return the literary classic. Throughout Adventures you play a series of mini-games to advance the story, which is just like every other PC game in the history of the world. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Adventures in Wonderland wasn’t limited to just hidden object games. During my trip down the rabbit hole I played a variation of Bejeweled, a round of hedgehog mini-golf, solved countless puzzles, and helped lobsters make it to the ocean safely using a trampoline (what?), to name a few.

What made the game appealing was the fact that some of the mini-games are actually challenging and don’t play down to the audience. It was a little frustrating when the occasional hidden object didn’t look like its description, but these times were rare. I also grew tired of backtracking and then re-backtracking to a location, but I can understand the need for it in such a small playable space. This complaint could’ve easily been fixed with a fast-travel option, which I’m sure will come in future installments should developer Fugazo choose to make them. Overall, Adventures is aesthetically pleasing and the environments are fun to interact with. I’m not even going to mention the cuteness of the giant dog, which is off the charts in cuteness.

Any fan of the classic story should absolutely give Fiction Fixers a chance. It’s available on Fugazo’s website, or on Big Fish’s. If purchased through Fugazo’s site, you get a bonus game of Hansel & Gretel which comes with a bunch of other goodies to enjoy.

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