State of Azeroth: Ghostcrawler owes me a Moose

Things always seem slower once end game content is on farm, and new information is being released regarding the next patch you come up with some downtime. Some people will roll alts, others will work on achievements and some players even take a break from the game vowing to come back once the expansion hits.

Personally I’ve been working on some alts and doing achievements like Loremaster. And while waiting for randoms to queue up I’ve been working on a crochet project (the long waits for DPS are great for this). And also for fun I decided to join in on the fun and do the Pocket Posse 1-80 gnome challenge. I have a little gnome rogue named Nūgget on Stormscale-US I plan to level up for the occasion. Interested in joining the challenge? Well then I shall make up a specific guild and help out with some starting gold for those who join in! We can even plan a Hogger raid! Leave a comment with your character’s name and I shall invite you to the guild once I create it.


For those interested in the WoW TCG, there’s a great preview for the new Wrathgate expansion on the official site in case you haven’t picked it up yet. Once I can get a good starter deck going I know that I will for sure pick this up along with a raid deck.

There has also been a change to the kick feature in random dungeons. Zarhym posted that the cooldown feature will change depending on the habits of the player. So if you’re going to kick fairly often or even leave dungeons a lot, the cooldowns will still affect you. You can read the full statement here.

There is a new stein available for pre-order from Taverncraft featuring everyone’s favorite critter,: the Murloc. It features some great artwork and even a murloc head on the top of the stein. You can pre-order it for $99 and it is set to ship in September.

We also have a nice preview for the re-taking of the Echo Isles. This gives some great info for RP players, and includes a great hi-res propaganda wallpaper.

Well in case you haven’t heard, there was a special press event in the past week where a ton of new information regarding Cataclysm was given out. Some of the information that came out is pretty big, for example no more Path of the Titans. Instead Blizzard plans to overhaul the Inscription profession and making it have three tiers of glyphs: Minor, Medium and Major. They will also become permanent. So you can learn a glyph and will always know it, however you will only be able to have a select few active at a time. The point I found interesting is that the medium glyphs (hopefully they change the term “medium”) will be more “fun/cosmetic” glyphs. Minor glyphs won’t be seeing too much of a change and Major glyphs will be powerful core glyphs that will see more use at level cap.

The other system that got scrapped was the Guild talent tree and currency systems. Winning battlegrounds and boss kills, among other ways, will be how the guild will gain XP. Rewards will be unlocked by completing guild achievements and can then be bought with gold. You will also be able to grind reputation with your guild by completing battlegrounds, dungeons and raids and can earn Exalted titles much in the same way you would with the various in game factions. Blizzard also announced that the guild UI will be completely overhauled. It will display the current guild XP, your reputation with the guild, an RSS style feed with upcoming guild events on the calendar and what the latest reward that was unlocked is. Each member in the guild will also have their professions listed next to their name, making it easier to see who can do what.

Some more information regarding Raid changes came out as well. One exciting one is that the raid IDs will not be as strict as they are now, and you will have the option to split a 25man raid into three smaller 10man raids if you cannot complete the 25man mode. Players can also abandon their raid IDs if they find another group that has killed the same amount of bosses, which will be great for PUGs.

PvP wise there’s not too much new revealed. There will be two new battlegrounds added: Twin Peaks and Battle for Gilneas. Twin Peaks has a great preview up on the official Cataclysm site, and looks like it’ll be more fun to play than Warsong Gulch. Also in Rated Battlegrounds, rated teams will only be matched with other rated teams, which means that more casual BG players won’t have to deal with going up against a more together team.

There will be a new raid in the Caverns of Time which will bring players back to the War of the Ancients. Not much else has been released besides that, but the chance to be able to go back and experience such an interesting battle in Azerothian history will be pretty cool. Plus I’m hoping that I get to transform into a Night Elf instead of a silly looking human. It’d be an interesting change of pace.

And last but not least is this great exclusive interview that WoWHead did with Ghostcrawler. There’s some interesting information inside regarding Cataclysm and changes that will be made. One change I like is with the new Battle.Net integration making Achievements account wide. I know I’m not the only one who’d be happy to not have to do some achievements again on a different character. There is also talk regarding the Moose that he owes us (since we finally got our pony). I will hold him to this as riding around the world on a Moose would be awesome.

Blizzcon 2010

Well the two ticket sale days have come and gone, and there are some very excited Blizzard fans, as well as some sad ones. Just like previous years, the queues were pretty long but no site crashes. But all in all it was a success and tickets sold out in minutes. Hope you readers were all lucky!

In other Blizzcon news, Jay Mohr was confirmed as the host again this year. I wish there was more news, such as what the goodie bag may include or who will be the music guest. It’ll be hard to top Ozzy, so my vote is Cannibal Corpse (Corpsegrinder is an avid player).

Artwork by kim tae kyeong

Worgen Models

As most of you guys know, the female worgen models were released, albeit in their rough stages. They still looked nice though. Granted it’s obvious that Blizzard used the female Draenei model I personally don’t see a problem with this. Worgen share the same backwards lower leg structure. Not to mention the Draenei (and Blood Elf) models are more polished than the original races. I’d love to see those updated, but that’s another discussion altogether.

The other thing that I hope to see is a more unique model for the human forms of the Worgen. I think it would add a more unique aspect to the race. When I played the Cataclysm demo at Blizzcon ’09 the human forms were what we have seen in game so far. But if they made them a bit more rugged and burly it could make wanting to play in the human form more desirable. But I don’t think this will occur, sadly.

Comic Relief

This month I have some funny yet pretty awesome videos to showcase. The first is a fun rap by Jace Hall called “I Play WoW.” It’s a high quality production, and has some fun scenes involving an upset girlfriend, his mom and events in game. He also makes a dig at Felicia Day. It’s a fun video and definitely worth the watch.

The next one I saw on, and it’s a short film that won an award in the 2009 Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. Entitled Avatar Days, the film follows people in their daily lives, but as their WoW character and shows how their real life is different from their in game one. I was highly impressed with the editing and special effects used to bring the WoW characters into everyday life scenes like walking down a street or in an office.

Moving more to the realm of funny, CollegeHumor made a great parody of the Jay-Z song “Run This Town” called “Run This Raid.” The lyrics are written well and show that they know their WoW. I think my favorite line was “This is Warcraft, not some Neopets convention!”

Call to readers!

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This is Steph signing off until next month. Glory to the Alliance!

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Nice update about Cataclysm- have any predictions for Blizzcon yet? I'm personally just excited to finally be getting my Star Craft 2 I preorder nine eons ago.


Love it! I have a gnome Mage on US Stormscale named Skuldelle! Hope to meet some new gnomes!!!


Well I'm hoping that we'll get a release date for Diablo (finally). Maybe we'll get to see some of the campaign for the next SC2 game. But I'm not sure WoW wise. I think stuff with that would depend on when Cataclysm gets released.