Join Chocolatier: Sweet Society on Facebook

PlayFirst is bringing its delectable sweet shoppe management game to Facebook with Chocolatier: Sweet Society. This marks Playfirst’s first journey into the every expanding world of social gaming. Set in 1882 (the same time as the original Chocolatier), the new social version of Chocolatier features both a shoppe and a factory to manage, creation of “lickable art” displays, unlockable secret recipes, and player uniting social features.

“Our goal with Chocolatier: Sweet Society was to take a franchise millions of players love and bring it to Facebook in a way that is authentic and compelling to both the brand and the social platform,” said Mari Baker, CEO of PlayFirst. “In limited release, we’ve already reached over a quarter million players and we’re confident this game will please the sweet tooth of Facebook gamers everywhere.”

“The chocolate theme of Chocolatier: Sweet Society should resonate well with consumers,” says Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors. “Seven in 10 social gamers responded in our survey that the ‘theme’ of a game is a deciding factor when choosing a game and since chocolate is far and away America’s favorite flavor, this bodes well for Chocolatier: Sweet Society as it lets players enjoy all the chocolate they want with no calories.”

Play Chocolatier: Sweet Society now, and taste your way to Chocolate gurudom.


I've been playing for a bit. Pretty fun but I only have 3 neighbors lol