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  • 08Jul

    Prequel to “Dead Space 2″ will be downloadable this fall

    If you were wanting to know what happened to Isaac Clarke before Dead Space 2 (out in 2011), you’re in luck. A prequel by the name of Dead Space Ignition promises to fill in the gaps this fall.

    The downloadable title will take place on the Sprawl, and you’ll be tasked with surviving the initial Necromorph outbreak (since Isaac does survive, after all). The unique comic style (written by noted comic author Antony Johnston, who was responsible for the six-book Dead Space comic series), combined with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” narrative, should introduce the series to gamers who would never have picked up the original game just in time for 2011′s Dead Space 2 release.

    The game will offer multiple endings as well as unlocks that can be used in Dead Space 2.

    The game will be available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, as well as the PlayStation Store.

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