Rockstar rounding up “Red Dead Redemption” cheaters and griefers

One of the biggest stars in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption is the multiplayer. Unfortunately, since the game’s launch, a few players have opted to bring the no-rules atmosphere of the West to Free Roam.

It won’t last much longer, though, since Rockstar’s ready to step in with a title update planned for release within the next month.

First off, cheaters will never again prosper. Once they know you’re cheating (beyond a shadow of a doubt, they say), you’ll be banned from Red Dead’s multiplayer for a period of time. How long? That’s Rockstar’s choice. Could be a day, could be a month, could be a year. In any case, when you’re back, you’d better stick to the straight and narrow.

Not only that, but anti-griefing measures will be put into place. If you’re being bullied repeatedly, you’ll get the option to Transport and respawn in a region of your choosing. The griefers themselves get a new “feature,” as well – rack up a six player-kill streak, and you’ll be named “Most Wanted.” Everyone on the map will be alerted that you hunt fellow players for sport and not for necessity, and the NPC law will come after you – as well as the other players on the map.

Rockstar promised to keep their eye on multiplayer mode and release further title updates in the event that problems continue. How do you feel about these changes? Do you think the “Most Wanted” distinction will lead to less griefing, or more? (It does introduce a new challenge – how long can you stay alive as “Most Wanted?”)

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