Tron Press Event at San Diego Comic Con

The full room of press was very excited for the Tron Press event at San Diego Comic Con. Roughly triple the number of press than last year, the Tron panel included: director Joe Kosinski, producers Sean Bailey and Steven Lisberger, and cast members Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, and Bruce Boxleitner. Earlier was the panel in Hall H where they showed new looks at the film.

Tron Legacy really is about the Father/Son story. Because of that they had to cut characters or things out of the story that just didn’t fit in that world.

Joe spoke about how they didn’t have to do much to update the look for a new generation. Tron has just a great design and it was easy to amp that up. Joe remarked that they filmed it using the Fusion camera system that was created and used by James Cameron in Avatar.

Jeff Bridges recalled a time where he had given up on a sequel. It had been 20 years, they had a script that no one liked. So Disney and team waited. But they believe that this is a script/film that audiences will love. He also pointed out that the fans were an integral part to getting the film made.

The original Tron may be coming to Blu-Ray but nothing official has been announced yet. At the panel, they started that they want to do something special but not 100% set yet.

Daft Punk was a huge part of Tron. Joe stated how they met up with Daft Punk before the movie was made and that the duo has been making music for it ever since. Olivia stated that she would listen to the music for the scene before acting to help her feel how the scene should go. Daft Punk is currently in the studio putting some finishing touches on the soundtrack.

It sounds like everyone is really excited for Tron Legacy. The showroom floor is packed with fans and they have some pretty cool exclusives. Below are pictures from the event and a little video that I took.