Bethesda reveals star-studded “Fallout: New Vegas” vocal cast

Today, Bethesda released a list of some of the biggest names for Fallout: New Vegas’ star-studded vocal cast. Hellboy (Ron Perlman) is returning as the narrator, of course, but who else is coming up to bat?

Well, Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas, for one. It only makes sense, since the game is set in Sin City, after all. Other talents include Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing in my Fallout? What?), William Sadler, Zach Levi, Felicia Day, Michael Dorn, Kris Kristofferson, Danny Trejo, John Doman and Rene Auberjonois. Assemble all of these people and people are usually going to think it’s a movie, but not today.

Bing…I mean Perry…plays Benny, a gangster. Wayne Newton is “Mr. New Vegas,” the Mojave Wasteland’s radio DJ. Playable companions include Raul the Ghoul, played by Danny Trejo; the mysterious Arcade, played by Zach Levi of “Chuck” fame and Felicia Day portrays Veronica, a scribe from the Brotherhood of Steel.

Kris Kristofferson plays Chief Hanlon, a soldier, and Rene Auberjonois plays the reclusive “Mr. House.” I assume that confusing him with Dr. House is likely a bad idea.

Michael Dorn returns to the Fallout series for the first time in 12 years as supermutant Marcus, John Doman plays Caesar the dictator and William Sadler (you might know him from The Shawshank Redemption) plays Victor, who Bethesda describes as “a friendly robot with the personality of an old-fashioned cowboy.”

Not only that, but apparently we can expect even more celebrity cameos throughout the game.