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  • 08Aug

    Where to save money on games this week

    How to save money this week on Games

    Wow it’s already the second week of August. I’m busy getting ready for the wedding, which hasn’t left me much time to play games, but here is the latest releases and where to get your games for cheap. Enjoy and let us know at GamingAngels what you are playing right now!

    This week’s releases:
    Madden NFL 11 (360,PS3, Wii, PSP, PS2)

    Wow no one wants to compete with Madden!

    Where to save money:
    Toys R Us
    Free $15 gift card with purchase of Madden NFL 11
    Buy 1 get 1 50% off PS3 and Xbox games:
    Lego Harry Potter, Red Dead Redemption, Fifa South Africa, UFC 2010, Split Second, Tiger Woods, Transformers
    Free $20 gift card with purchase of a PS3
    Free $40 gift card with purchase of DJ Hero or Blur
    Save $10 on following Wii games:
    Toy Story 3, Just Dance, New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Lego Harry Potter, The Last Airbender

    Best Buy
    Madden NFL 11 and PS3 bundle $349.99
    Buy Madden NFL 11 on PS3 or 360 and get any of these game for half off:
    For $29.99: UFC 2010, God of War III, Alpha Protocol, Just Cause 2, Split Second, Tiger Woods PGA Tour
    For $19.99: Bioshock 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Halo 3 ODST, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake
    For $14.99: Dragon Age Origins, Left 4 Dead 2
    For $9.99 – Brutal Legend, Fight Night Round 4

    DSi with a free game $169.99
    Purchase Madden NFL 11 and get 2 bags of Doritos and $10 gift card

    Get 50% off the following DS games with purchase of Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver:
    Style Savvy, Kirby, Petz, The Last Airbender, Super Mario 64 DS, Scribblenauts, Mario Party DS, Dora the Explorer

    Madden NFL 11 $59.96
    Bad Company 2 $39.96
    Disney: Sing It $39.77
    Toy Story 3 $49.33
    Alan Wake $38.54
    Tekken 6 $26.54
    DJ Hero Bundle $49.96
    Split Second $49.96
    Red Dead Redemption $56.54

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