Battle together as Rapunzel and Flynn in Disney’s “Tangled”

Disney’s Tangled: The Video Game is launching this November for Nintendo DS and Wii, and we’ve got the trailer posted below.

The game is story-based, but features several mini-games and quests. You will, of course, meet characters from the movie, and you have the option to play as either Rapunzel (and kick some tail with your awesome hair) or Flynn (where you battle a little more traditionally). However, sometimes you’ll need to work as a team.

Both characters are voiced by their actors, Mandy Moore and Zach Levi. Both have game experience already, with Moore as Aerith in the Square Enix/Disney collaboration Kingdom Hearts, and Levi in this month’s Fallout: New Vegas.

A bunch of kids will likely be adding this one to their holiday wish lists, so get acquainted now by watching the trailer.