Online Poker for Android Devices Coming Soon, we hope

Smartphones powered by Android are growing rapidly in popularity, but just like the iPhone they have some serious limitations if you’re looking to play online poker for real money. Poker sites would obviously love for everyone to be playing online Texas Hold Em as much as possible, but there are still many obstacles in the way of playing online poker for cash on your Android phone.

The single biggest roadblock with playing poker on Android devices is its relative newness, as online sites simply haven’t yet rolled out safe, secure apps that they’re comfortable offering to their players for Texas Holdem Games real money play. Google is much more open than Apple when it comes to the approval process for Android apps, so most believe that the reason there are currently no apps to play online poker on Android devices is due to development issues instead of the apps not being approved (as is the case with Apple refusing to approve online poker apps for the iPhone and iPad).

While a few online sites do offer no-download Flash versions that can be accessed on Android phones, the selection is pretty sparse, as many online poker sites have refused to offer Flash versions due to security risks. More sites offer no-download versions but most of these actually aren’t Flash based and won’t work with Android phones.

Like iPhone owners, the best bet for those with Android phones who want to play on their favorite online sites is to use a remote desktop program or service (see, how to guide real money poker on iphone). Using a remote desktop solution isn’t optimal (you won’t be playing ten tables at a time like you might on your desktop) due to lag and general sluggishness in using your phone to remotely access your desktop, but it does give you access to any online site that you can download and play on your desktop.

Most sites have announced that they’re hard at work on Android apps, so hopefully the wait won’t be long before major online poker sites have all released Android apps that let you enjoy their sites on your phone just like you do on your desktop.