Square Enix releases lengthy trailer for “Final Fantasy XIV”

Yeah, by now we’re well aware that Final Fantasy XIV is in no way a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, despite the sequential nature of the titles. The fourteenth(ish) installment of the RPG series is another trip to the MMO realm, and it launches very soon – specifically, September 30 for PC and sometime in March 2011 for PS3.

This pre-Tokyo Game Show trailer is a whopping seven minutes and 47 seconds long, but it’s definitely a good look at the new game.

In one word? Beautiful.

(It’s also charming and full to the brim with the qualities that draw Final Fantasy lovers to the games in the first place. But that’s more than one word.)

Watch the trailer below, but make sure you’ve got quite a few minutes to spare – not to mention some mints for the Bad Breath the Malboro midway through is bound to have.

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