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  • 12Oct

    First Look – Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

    Red Dead Redemption fans should all be excited for the next DLC coming out: Undead Nightmare. If you don’t already know, this DLC will add in some zombie killing to the already fun western-themed game. If you haven’t already heard about the DLC, the general plot follows John Marston as he searches for a cure to stop the highly infectious zombie plague that’s spreading across the frontier.

    Well I was able to fight through the massive crowds at New York Comic Con on Saturday to check out the gameplay and man, was I impressed. I started off in a cemetery where I was told I needed to burn some coffins. Well after burning the first one, the zombies began to rise from their graves not too happy with my actions. I then had about 7 more coffins to burn while fending off the undead who kept rising from their graves. Like any good zombie hunter I was already equipped with a shotgun and began to take down the undead. To me, the zombies seemed a bit trickier to take down than say zombies in Left 4 Dead. You really need to make sure you take their heads off ASAP otherwise you’ll have too many spawns and you’ll wind up dead like I did.

    All in all though the experience is fun, and I’m interested to see where the plot of this separate single player campaign winds up. With the reasonable $10 price tag I think many RDR fans will pick it up. Sadly there is no firm date for the release except for “soon.” Make sure to check out some new screen caps below!



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